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A portable wash station that is the new solution for nasty wash stations on construction sites! Washing dishes on your camping adventures, an emergency shower in case of a natural disaster, brushing your teeth and washing your face on your long haul trips trucking, honestly, anything you can think of! (Almost 4 Minutes Of Run Time)

    What's Included:
    Features and attachments:

    • Built-in soap dispenser
    • 6-foot long extendable hose
    • Hook or suction hose almost anywhere for showering
    • Rechargeable battery 

    Upgraded carry handle for comfort:

      Perfect for:

      • Camping
      • The Beach 
      • Emergency Preparedness
      • Outdoor Enthusiasts
      • Truck Drivers
      • Festivals
      • Off-Roading 

      -A portable, pressurized, battery-powered wash station, and shower  

      Battery specs:

      • Using Time: 45-60min
      • USB Charging Cord: 2.6ft
      • Charging Time: 1-2H (Depend on spec. of different charger
      • Water Flow: 4L/Min (1gal/min)

      Once the USB port is plugged into the battery, the red light signifies that it is charging. Once you see the blue light appear, that means the battery is finished charging.


      Volt: 3.7V

      Max Electric Flow: 2.6A

      Battery Capacity: 2200mAh

      G.W.: 1.6lb

      Soap Dispenser- Refills from the top:

      Large 17-ounce refillable bottle

      360° head swivels and dispenses consistently

      Perfect for liquid soap, lotion, or liquid detergent

      -90 Day Warranty on parts  (No damage caused by the consumer will be repaired (Cracked container, water damage to the battery, etc.)