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About Us

Can you guess where the EZ- Sink started? A GARAGE! That's right. It began in my very own garage.
Hi, my name is Kurt Thomas. I am the creator and founder of EZ-Sink. I am a commercial Journeyman Plumber by trade and a clean freak (lol.) After years of construction, I've always noticed one thing day after day- the wash stations/porta-potty areas were a disaster! Have you ever seen them? They're disgusting, and ridden with germs and who knows how many diseases. I was so tired of walking halfway across the construction site to find a filthy, un-stocked wash station, resulting in having an unclean face and hands. Being the germ freak I am, I began to think about what if I can create my wash station to keep my hands clean?
The EZ - Sink invention came about after a few weeks of testing and R & D. It was a very ROUGH creation. Once I began to use the sink, I noticed that certain pieces would be flimsy, weak, or break. SO back to the drawing board, we went. After a few weeks of finding proper hardware, suppliers, and testing, the EZ-Sink became more refined and sturdy for the public!
Once I brought the sink to the market, I noticed that the construction industry loved it! As well as the off-road and camping industries. Even the beachgoers and surfers loved it.
The EZ Sink is a small business located in Southern California. My team and I strive to deliver a quality product and to provide outstanding customer service. We appreciate all of your support and hope you enjoyed this little story about creating our company and brand.
Thank you!
For bulk ordering, please call: (909) 205-4044